Keep breathing

Our vision is to become world leader in medical diagnostics based on detection of gaseous biomarkers.

Our mission is to save lives (increase survival rate) via early detection of cancer, inflammatory, and infectious diseases.

Rapidly rising number of publications related to volatile organic compound (VOC) biomarkers confirm the growing interest in medical community for using gas detection in medical diagnostics.

Trained dogs can smell cancer. They smell the VOC biomarkers. We know the VOCs they smell and detect them with an analyzer which does not get tired. This can be scaled.


Breath analysis

Diagnostics from breath is highly beneficial due to the non-invasive and pain-free way of early detection and monitoring of disease activity.

Human breath contains biomarkers (certain chemical compounds that are associated to certain disease activity) from wide variety of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, COPD, asthma, schizophrenia and tuberculosis.

VOC biomarkers are produced by metabolic activity taking place in the body. VOC’s can be accurately measured with HOITO’s patented high performance gas analysis technology, which can be miniaturized for hand held devices.


Urine diagnostics

VOCs are also emitted from other clinical sample types such as urine. The use of urinary VOCs has demonstrated a potential application in cancer diagnosis as biomarkers for the assessment or detection of disease. The biomarkers in urine are in gaseous form and urine samples are analyzed from the headspace of the urine sample.

An ideal technology for this needs to measure from low gas sample volume with fast response time (in the order of seconds to a minute). HOITO’s Photoacoustic spectroscopy is ideal technique that fulfills all these requirements.


  • POC analyzer for Breath Diagnostics

    Point of care analyzer is used in doctors offices, dentist offices and at the health care locations.

  • Consumer device for Breath Diagnostics

    Handheld analyzer for consumers

  • Service model for Urine Diagnostics

    Mobile App based service model for consumers